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Senior Software Engineer - Chicago

Senior Software Engineer – Design, implement, deliver, and test technology solutions while understanding products from both a technical and business perspective in the context of our larger business; Develop flowcharts to define software which will seamlessly deliver lunches and dinners to clients through orders placed on Chowbus app; Develop, test and modify software as appropriate so that it manages information provided by and to restaurants, diners, drivers, management, credit card processors and other stakeholders; Continually review management team's updates to business model so that they can be incorporated into software, including expansion into other cities; Communicate with leadership, product owners, other technologists and users to create working software based on an understanding of business and technical priorities; Attend regular internal meetings to retain full understanding of business priorities; in particular reporting and recordkeeping functions; Apply priorities to software development; Meet with restaurant owners and drivers to assure that the app is living up to their requirements; Amend or upgrade app as necessary; Breakdown complex problems into elegant technical solutions to intelligently solve problems for our diners, restaurant, corporate accounts and internal stakeholders; Resolve user problems; Meet with internal management team to learn of internal usage issues, receive suggestions for improvements, and discuss issues raised by individual and multi-unit restaurant accounts; Build and deploy features with limited or no reliance on QA; Continually test app features to identify and resolve system "bugs"; Continually review industry literature to remain fully aware of viruses and other threats to Chowbus app; Implement existing solutions or develop new solutions to identified threats; Test software through internal checks, as well as through simulated user experiences; Actively contribute to the adoption of strong software architecture; and develop best practices and new technologies.

Requirements - Bachelor’s or foreign degree equivalent in Computer Science and 2 years  of experience in the job offered or 2 years of experience with software development for ecommerce applications.  Special skills - 6 months of experience developing, testing and modifying website applications for restaurants or the food industry and 2 years of experience with Java; JavaScript; React JS; NODE JS; Docker; Jenkins and AWS. Worksite Location - 55 E Jackson Blvd, Chicago, IL 60604.

Worksite Location - Fantuan Group Inc., 55 E Jackson Blvd, Chicago, IL 60604

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