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Student Ambassador - Chicago

Local Marketing in Chicago, IL


Chowbus is a fast growing, well-funded food startup headquartered here in Chicago on a mission to help diners to discover new and exquisite dishes, and to give traditional mom and pop restaurants a fighting chance to succeed without compromising who they truly are. By building a super app, our goal is to be the one stop shop for everything related to food.

About the Role

Our student ambassadors serve as our eyes, ears, hands, and feet on the college campus.  They’re a vital part of the team here at Chowbus. The only difference is that instead of working in an office you’ll be working on your campus. This is a great opportunity for any students that are interested in sales, marketing, technology, or business!

Part time jobs (5-7 hrs/week) for students are available. We are looking for students who are willing to work for the upcoming school year and potentially into some of the winter. This position offers very flexible work hours that could include weekdays or weekends. This position gives the student a lot of freedom and allows for creativity in ways to market toward and reach the overall student population. We’ll give you overall guidelines but basically you’ll make your own decisions on how you can best market our brand.

What You’ll Do

  • Generate awareness and excitement for Chowbus products and its delivery app through on-campus events and social media posts to help drive sales at local restaurant partners.

  • Leverage your social media skills and your personal network to enhance events and drive brand engagement on WeChat, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, including creating original content.

  • Host on-campus promotional events and catering.

  • Maintain a constant line of communication with the Chowbus team.

  • Provide the Chowbus team with information and updates on which ideas of yours worked best and provide suggestions on how we should update our marketing plan

What You’ll Need

  • Connections. We’re looking for people who are connected with Campus Community and are involved passionately with many clubs and organizations. They’re always looking for ways to increase their network even further

  • Enthusiasm. Your excitement and enthusiasm is contagious and makes people instantly interested in what you’re saying. You’re a great presenter with expertise and confidence

  • Creativity. You’ll be given a lot of freedom in deciding what strategies to use to market and sell Chowbus. You’ll have to be creative and resourceful in deciding what strategies might work best with the community on your campus

  • Self-Motivation. You can motivate yourself to get the job done and complete the tasks that are required.

  • Teamwork. You’ll be working a lot with other brand ambassadors at your school. You need to be able to work well with others

  • Social Media Connections. We’re looking for someone who is active and passionate about social media. They are aware of current trends and are imaginative in finding ways to promote the Chowbus brand with their followers

What You’ll Get

  • Offline events: you will earn $18/h base salary after 50 downloads and signup. And you will also get unlimited extra $10 for every additional 20 downloads and signup. Usually an offline event lasts 2-3 hours and hosts at high traffic building. Typically our Brand Ambassadors make between $300-$1000 per month.

  • Social media: we also encourage you to promote on social media, each new user uses your code to place their first order, you will get extra $3 per user.

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